Explorers: 14-18 yrs

In Explorers we really encourage the youngsters to step out of their comfort zones, to develop skills that welcome independence. At this critical age they’re making a pivotal transition into adulthood, so the programme is fine-tuned to balance challenge, creativity and discipline. This helps shape our explorers into successful and active citizens.

The 14-18 year olds plan their own activities, teaching them life and employability skills, all of which involve organising, planning and budgeting. Typical activities include fundraisers, day trips, camps and a week-long International Trip. This nurtures confidence in their own ability, which they can put to the test achieving awards like, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Queen Scout Award and Explorer Belt. The explorers are also encouraged to join the Young Leaders scheme, where they are responsible for delivering activities and sessions to the younger sections.

All in all, our explorers enjoy a diverse programme full of activities and opportunities to discover themselves, ranging from poetry and arts, to zip wire and camping.

Boys Sessions

Sundays from 14:00 – 16:00

Girls Sessions

Saturdays from 12:30 – 14:30

Scout's Honor: Reach Out & Explore Together!

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